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Blending styles, hybridization and the market mood “interpreters”: Quantamental and MetaQuant players

By: Alejandra Litterio

An everlasting debate: quant vs. fundamental philosophies. Traditionally, fundamental and quantitative investing was treated as two separate modes, epitomized by two iconic figures: Buffet and Simons.

Interview: Barry Hurewitz - UBS Evidence Lab


Barry Hurewitz, Group Managing Director, Global Head of Evidence Lab Innovations at UBS Evidence Lab shares how UBS Evidence Lab have responded during this global pandemic and which datasets have now become most valuable for clients.

Interview: Javed Ahmed, Senior Data Scientist, Metis Corporate Training


Javed Ahmed, Senior Data Scientist at Metis Corporate Training, shares his thoughts on the application of machine learning techniques with financial data, along with how you can overcome the challenges of implementing these complex approaches successfully.

Ganesh Mani: Data is the best vaccine


Using it prudently can reduce risk, ensuring both good health and prosperity.

Interview: Paul Ross, SVP Marketing, Sentieo


Paul Ross, SVP Marketing at Sentieo, shares his thoughts on the biggest challenges facing data scientists and quantitative investors in 2020/2021, the role of alt data in alpha generation and the biggest investment areas for Sentieo.

Interview: John Ashley, General Manager, Financial Services and Technology, NVIDIA


John Ashley is General Manager, Financial Services and Technology at NVIDIA - Here he answers our questions on the future of AI & the biggest challenges facing the industry.