Session preview: Data, a new asset to your portfolio

In our fully connected world, never has access to information been that easy. This statement remains relevant when it comes to your personal information. By surfing on the web, one can guess your centers of interests, your habits, your age, your wealth, your location. Allowing unknown intermediaries to waylay your personal data is a threat to your security, but also a financial robbery. Indeed, you spent energy and effort to generate data that will be stolen then sold on opaque markets.

To oppose against both issues, one of the best ideas is to enforce law by giving to data originators total data ownership. In order to make of this paradigm a reality, governments would first have to provide blockchain-secured personal data portfolios to citizens. These incorruptible folders holding personal information would be stored in publicly held data hubs. Could be found in a portfolio medical data, internet consumer habits, and as much as the massive expansion of connected devices will collect about you. Only you would be able to allow others access to parts of your portfolio for a given time.

Naturally, a clearer data market will appear with its set of features. Data pricing, hedging and trading all are examples of new topics to be dealt with in a close future. Who will be the architects of such a utopia? Will the gap between data originators and data consumers truly be bridged? To whom will this tech really be in favor of? Such a dense project leaves many questions with vague answers that we can try to enlighten together.

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