Milind Sharma

CEO QuantZ Capital and QMIT

Milind Sharma’s 24 years of market experience span running prop desks at RBC & Deutsche Bank (Saba unit) as well as hedge funds (QuantZ) & mutual funds (MLIM) not to mention his fintech venture QMIT. His funds have won many awards over the years including those from Morningstar, Lipper, WSJ, Battle of the Quants & BattleFin. He was also a co-founder of Quant Strategies at MLIM (now BlackRock) & Manager of the Risk Analytics and Research Group at Ernst & Young where he was co-architect of Raven TM. His publications have appeared in Risk, JoIM, Elsevier, World Scientific, Wiley etc. In addition to dual MS degrees (Computational Finance & Applied Math) he was also in the Logic/ AI PhD program at Carnegie Mellon. Other education includes Oxford, Vassar & Wharton. He is also founder & President of <QWAFAx NEW> (formerly QWAFAFEW).

Conference Day One: June 30 2020

Tuesday, June 30th, 2020

5:00 PM Combining Quantamental with alt data in the context of LBO predictions

- How to use data to predict Leveraged Buyouts
- Ascertaining benefits of trading with a Quantamental signal 
- Preserving investment banker/PE intuition in guiding variable selection