Olga Kokareva

Head of Data Sourcing and Strategy

1:35 PM Panel discussion: Understanding and navigating the ‘Wild Wild West’ of alt data vendors and suppliers

  • Usefulness of data – evaluating the landscape and the trends
  • Filtering and working with vendors: Excessive demand for newer/more interesting data sources places the onus of data prep firmly on the purchaser whilst low quality/inconsistent data gives a low conversion rate to prospective sources. How can you work with your supplier to provide the product you need?
  • Evaluating the pros and cons of searching for the foundations of specific trade ideas vs ‘playing’ with new and interesting concepts
  • Best data sourcing practices

2:05 PM Presentation: What do good data management processes look like?

  • A lot of work is required before a data set is fit for purpose, with months of analysis, tidying, infrastructure set up and support, fitting into algorithms and strategies whilst avoiding overfitting. What are the biggest stumbling blocks and how can they be avoided?
  • Achieving good internal communication between engineers and data scientists
  • Effective data processing software: Building internally vs vendor selection
  • Using machine learning in data processing and cleanup effectively

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